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Gun Blood

Gun Blood

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Category: Shooting Games
Gun Blood is a great shooting game which requires a great amount of skill with the mouse. Choose your character and hover over your gun barrel to start the countdown, move of the gun barrel early and it will pause the countdown. As soon as 1 has gone you are free to move your mouse, then aim and shoot at your enemy, but remember they can move pretty quick. Unless you get a clean head shot you won’t kill them so make sure that there life bar is fully depleted before relaxing your aim in Gun Blood.
This is one addictive game where you always think you can do better than the last round, Gun Blood has a wide range of characters to select from.
You only get six shots per level in Gun Blood so you need to make them all count, getting a body shot in first will help slow them down and give you extra time
Use the Mouse as normal
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