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TU 95

TU 95

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Category: Plane Games
TU 95 is very similar to TU 45, but in our eyes the planes are easier to fly so if you’re struggling with TU 45 then maybe try out TU 95 to get the hang of the basics. In TU 95 you are flying a massive cargo plane the first level is pretty easy but the get harder as you go along, with the second level seeing you need to refuel a smaller plane whilst in flight.
You need to master the flaps and landing gears perfectly in order to avoid crashing in TU 95, it’s a pretty addictive though and you’ll soon seen yourself trying that level again, if you get completly stuck though you can always skip a level
TU 95 offers a truly unique style of game and nothing can beat it in our eyes
In Game
Up Arrow : Speed Up
Down Arrow :
G Key : Landing Gear
F Key : Flaps
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