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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

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Category: Physics Games
Wanting blood and guts then play Happy Wheels away to your heart’s content. If you get weak at the knees from the sight of blood and guts then head over to Amazon for a gentle DVD to Watch.
Happy Wheels is taking the Internet by storm and is set to become one of the best online flash physics games bar none. Thousands of people are playing Happy Wheels everyday whether it’s in their lunch break or while they should be working on something else. Happy Wheels is that addictive that some people are smuggling to stop playing it. A good tip is to leave happy wheels open in a tab on your browser or even another window so that it can be minimized when you’re not busy playing roger.
Fat Lady in Mobility Scooter Businessman on Segway Hobo in Wheelchair Dad on Bike With Child
Left & Right Keys : Lean Back & Lean Forward
Up & Down Keys : Speed Up & Slow Down
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