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Island Tribe 2

Island Tribe 2

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Category: Adventure Games
Island Tribe 2 is an adventure game where you are given tasks to complete on each level in the given time. At the end of each level your given your stats and extra points for items found. Keep an eye out on screen for a pop up from the side which tells you which items to look out for.
Island Tribe 2 is based on a small set of tropical islands, you have really peaceful and soothing music playing away, whilst your completing your tasks. Upgrade your buildings to get more output from them. use your men time and resources carefully though. The map for Island Tribe 2 will start out pretty cloudy, but once you've been in the game for a few minutes you'll soon of discovered a full view. If you click on something and a Red cross appears then you don't have the resources yet to complete that action. Got to many action completed then you can keep clicking away at them and you little Island Tribe man will do them in order.
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Island Tribe 2

Island Tribe 2 is a brilliant adventure game, you ...

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