Empire Island
Title: Empire Island
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Category: Adventure Games
Description: With Empire Island you need to build up empire but make sure that your defences are up to scratch, as your Empire Island can soon come under fire from the enemy. Almost everything in Empire Island is upgradeable from houses to taxes.
You need to keep earning enough money withdraw from iq option otherwise you can easily end up bankrupt, in which case you’re using the wrong strategy so start again with a new Empire Island.
There’s plenty of in games instructions if you should need them.
Keyboard keys:
"R" for quick repair the selected unit, if the selected unit doesn't need repairing, then the next most damaged unit will be selected - you can then press"R" again to repair that unit (so just keep tapping "R" to repair eveything).
"U" - upgrade
"B" - open build panel
"DEL" - sell unit + many more.
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